July 21, 2012
Reverse Kegels


Reverse kegels target and isolate your BC muscle, this is the muscle that wraps around the inner part of the penis and causes involuntary contractions. A front reverse kegel will stretch and loosen the BC muscle from around the inner part of your penis (the bulb) allowing better blood flow in and out of the penis as opposed to a regular kegel with will pump more blood into the penis and trap it there by contracting around the inner part of the penis.

Contractions aren’t a bad thing, they occur for a purpose. That being to expel ejaculate and urine at force out of the urethral canal.

But due to factors like bad masturbation habits and over stimulation to things like hardcore porn as well as other factors can lead to an unbalance pelvic floor. This causes involuntary contractions to happen more frequently than they should, sometimes continuously. 

That’s why it’s important to isolate the muscles so that you decide when to let those contractions occur making you cum.

This is why it’s always recommend to those with premature ejaculation to start by learning to isolate their BC muscle with front reverse kegels.

Here is a link to a picture that shows the BC, PC and IC muscles and there location in a man and a woman.


It’s often described that some people find reverse kegels are harder to do because there kegels are stronger than their reverse kegels and I believe this has a part to play in leading some to think that reverse kegels are a strengthening exercise when there really a stretching exercise.

So I’d like to clear that up. When someone says this what is really meant is that your ability and control of your reverse kegels is not yet advanced enough to successfully counter the contractions from your pelvic floor muscles.

What it doesn’t mean is there is two opposing muscles where one is weaker than the other rendering them out of balance like the bicep and the tricep for example.


You’ll often be told that to identify the area you want to stretch that a front reverse kegel feels like you’re taking a piss and that a back reverse kegel is like farting or defecating.

NOTE: When people describe it in those terms there doing it so you get a general idea of what each one feels like and the muscles you should be targeting. When actually doing the exercises you shouldn’t actually feel like you’re about to pee, fart or defecate. If you do then you’re pushing too hard.


Keep breathing, it may seem obvious but the fact is that some people hold their breath when doing reverse kegels and normal kegels for that matter. When you hold your breath you cause tension in your body and that is counter productive in doing these exercises. So I’ll say it again, k
eep breathing.

Whether that’s regular light breathing or deep breathing from your diaphragm just make sure you don’t hold your breath.


  • When trying each exercise some find them easier on their back to start with while some find it easier to stand. So experiment to find what’s best for you.
  • Slowly do a light front kegel then reverse it into a light front reverse kegel so that feel the difference between the pull and the push of the two different exercises in that targeted area. You can do the same for back kegels as well.
  • When doing front kegels you can use your diaphragm to help with the stretch by pushing it out but when doing this keep your abs relaxed
  • When doing reverse kegel if you feel around the base of your penis and your perineum the muscles should be relaxed and loose, there should not be any tension. You can do a light kegel then reverse kegel to feel the difference with your fingers.
  • Keep your back straight whether you’re laying down or standing.


  • Do not push too hard
  • Do not strain yourself
  • Do not tense up (abs, thighs, back anything)
  • Do not hold your breath
  • Do not reverse kegel while doing any exercise that engages your core. (sex being the exception to the rule)
Note: this is made for those with penises in conjunction with kegels,  With reverse kegels being on a higher ratio of regular kegels; as a means to balance out the pelvic floor. A good ratio would be 70/30, then progressively going down until one reaches 50/50

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